Our mission is to make your life a luxurious experience while you stay at our homes.
We will try our best to answer some of the most common questions that you might have. If you need any other specific queries answered, please contact us.

Residents (Tenants)

How much is the security deposit?

There is a very minimal 'security deposit', which equates to your first three months of rent in your first home with us. After that, there will not be any additional charge in your security deposit, even if you relocated to a pricier home.

What happen to my security deposit fee if I stop using your homes?

We will refund your security deposit, minus any related charges, etc. However, if you wish to just suspend or pause your stay with us, you can keep the deposit and continue anytime with any available home of your choice.

What do I do with the utilities bill?

We will make all the necessary payments. You'll get all the right invoices, and in the details of your choice. We will make it easy for you to make expense claims, if needed, the easy way.

All your home bills for a each month can be paid together the next month via our easy to pay system with your Credit/Debit Card or any other payment methods available.

What is the minimum months that I need to lease/rent?

Start with a qualifying minimum of six months. After that, you can at any of our homes for a minimum of 1 month (cost may vary). If you say for less than a month, you'll still be charged for a month (30 days).

What are lease/rent terms?

If you know your exact stay end-date, you can define it in the application. You can just walk out the day your terms expire.

Alternatively, you can continue to stay for as long as you wish, by paying the advance monthly rent. Let us know 1 month on advance before you decide to leave a particular home.

Relocating to other Prime Chasm Homes anywhere (cities, countries).

If you wish to relocate to any of our homes, you just have to pick them and apply. Once that home becomes available, you can relocate to the new home. The rental difference will be calculated and adjusted. We need two week's notice in advance to make such arrangements. The earlier you let us know the better.

You can have as many homes to your wishlist in order of preference and wait your turn. If you do not confirm when we let you know of the availability, it will be given to whoever confirms first. Everyone will be treated equal on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Do you help in relocation?

The idea of Prime Chasm Homes is that you don't need to cargo around furnitures, and other heavy objects. We hope you can just pack your suitecases and fly and/or drive to your new home. However, if you need to move items that cannot fit in your suitcases, we will definitely help you relocate within the same city or country at a very reasonable retail price (we will likely be cheaper than most relocation services).

If you're relocating to one of our homes for the first time (within the same city), we will relocate you for free.

We will help you relocate across countries and will be billed at the cost-price of the relocation company/agency, plus a service fee based on the services involved.

Property Owners

Can I be both a Resident and a Property Owner?

Yes, you can live in any homes that we have while you have other properties leased with us.

Will I get a security deposit?

Unfortunately, we will NOT pay you a security deposit. We, however, take care of everything and you get your rent paid from the very first week of the confirmed Agreement with us.

Who pays the maintenance fees?

We will pay the maintenance fee.

Who pays the property taxes?

Property taxes are to be paid by the Property Owners. If needed, we can help you and make sure you pay it on time.